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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Essay Example For Students

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Essay Robert Louis Stevensons supernatural, Gothic thriller, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written in 1886, in the Victorian era. During this period many developments occurs in different fields such as medicine, technology and industry. Victorians were reluctant to these developments. Stevenson was interested in the duality of human nature and this interest was aroused by his home town, Edinburgh. He realised that there were two sides to the city. One good side, with respectable people with high statuses, while the other side, the bad side with prostitutes, urban degeneration and the use of brothels. Stevenson often had dreams where a civil, respectable man could turn himself into a monster while remaining behind a facade of honour. The original idea of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde occurred to him in a nightmare which is known as the fine bogey-tale. The dream was about a man who drinks a potion and transforms into a devilish character. Stevensons idea was to create a straight forward horror story. However, after reading the original version to his wife, she suggested more could be made of the tale. After a lot of thought, Stevenson burned the original manuscript and rewrote the entire novel in only three days. Stevenson examines mans relationship with good and evil, and comments on the constant war and balance between the two. Dr. Jekyll is the picture of social class and professional excellence, while Mr. Hyde is the embodiment of Jekylls hidden evil nature. The novel is about a man who is given a lot of respect; however he is fed up of his good side and wants to unleash the evil side to him, while remaining behind a fai ade of respect. He then creates a drug which separates these two characteristics, so that he no longer lives in bondage, when in control of both sides. This potion would then temporarily transform him into the heartless Hyde. In the Victorian period levels of statuses were made apparent by the way they acted and how they lived. The working class were seen as lower down than the upper class. This made sense to them as the working class didnt have the luxuries or the wealth that the upper class had. Victorians showed a respectable face to the public and preferred to hide their evil side, so that there reputations would not get degraded. During the Victorians period, it was the time where new technology was being introduced and development of medicine was occurring. However many people began to question the idea of these improvements and some were against it. The Victorians were prudish people, who were not familiar of the thought about the supernatural and upon transcendental medicine. The people of the time did not have the thoughts that Stevenson was having about the duality. This novel therefore intrigued the people in the Victorian time. The main themes in the story are duality of human nature, respectability and hypocrisy. Dr. Jekyll changes into Hyde to express the duality within him. In the Victorians time, status meant a lot to the professional classes. If there unknown actions were to be revealed to the public, it would become a public scandal, it would damage their name and there whole reputation, as well as there status. This is why Dr. Jekyll does not tell anyone that he is Hyde. This illustrates the theme of deception and hypocrisy. Jekyll is a man with a split personality, the good side Dr Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. These two bonded appearances have completely different prospective to life and therefore the story emphasizes the existence of duality. All Quite On The Western Front EssayHowever Stevenson describes other reasons, which curved Jekyll into evil even more. His desire for a younger appearance was amongst the many reasons why Jekyll had such enthusiasm about Hyde. Jekyll gave up his grace and well made, smooth faced man description for a younger yet deformed Mr. Hyde. His wish to separate the bondage between the good and evil so he could fulfill his dark desires without being recognized by the society became a purpose for creating Mr. Hyde. He believes he has total control over Hyde, as he says; the moment I choose I can get rid of Mr. Hyde. However Stevenson shows situational irony as later on Jekyll loses control and the potion does not work any longer. Conclusively Stevenson clearly states the human nature as possessing two aspects; he leaves open the question of what these aspects consist of. Either evil or good, perhaps they represent the hidden animal and the fai ade that the civilization has imposed. In this case, it was the key to the lab door, symbolic of satanic power, which gave access to evil, the secret lab. As the key was destroyed, so was Hyde. Stevenson enhances the effectiveness of the novella by leaving us to look within ourselves to find the answers.

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Sociology education assignment submit free essay sample

The School is an important agency of secondary socialisation. All children in the UK are given Equal opportunities to succeed.Despite the department of education stating that they wish to provide equal opportunities for children and young people no matter what their background or family circumstances. (Department of education. 2014) Statistics referencing school childrens performance in the UK indicates a childs class, ethnicity or gender can have an effect on their overall school performance.As family is the primary means of socialisation, a parents attitude towards education is important for the progress of children in schools. Charles Desforges and Alberto Abouchaars, (2003) study into parental involvement in schools found that; at-home good parenting had a positive effect on a childs attainment. The report suggests this is done through shaping childrens self concepts through setting high aspirations and then concludes, by stating that achievement of working class pupils can be furthered by increasing parental involvement. We will write a custom essay sample on Sociology education assignment submit or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This shows that it is widely recognised that class directly effects the opportunities children in the UK receive. How parents present themselves is also influential to childs education, Abigail Beall, (2003) states how Facebook researchers found that children often have similar, if not identical, careers to their parents. The study suggests that working class families with working class jobs, could result in lack of motivation for children to aspire to earn more or have better careers than their parents, they instead seek immediate gratification, often obtaining jobs in manual labour due to a lack of interest in education. In middle class families however, children often apply themselves educationally to follow in their parents footsteps, this deferred gratification usually leads to further education such as university. (Kennon, J., 2012)Apart from the influence of parents, the effects of housing and the environment can also effect opportunities within education. A leaflet by Lisa Harker 2006, for Shelter England details how one study found that: parents in overcrowded homes were less responsive and spoke to their children in less sophisticated ways as opposed to parents in less overcrowded homes. This lack of communication and sophisticated language was linked to having a negative effect on children s learning, as they became less expressive and unable to voice their thoughts with the correct vocabulary. Furthermore overcrowding results in a lack of suitable space for children to study, creating disruption at school. Attendance at school from Children in overcrowded homes was low as a result of health reasons, as illness can travel faster between individuals in close proximity. According to a National Child Development Study, into the effects of poor housing conditions, the effects of cold and damp also correlates to a lack of attendance in school due to illness. A study completed in Cornwall found: installing central heating into rooms of children aged 9 to 11 helped respiratory problems and increased school attendance. Prior to this children lost 9.3 days out of 100 due to breathing problems, this decreased to 2.3 days lost after intervention. (Harker, l. , 2006) Apart from poor housing conditions, catchment areas can also effect childrens educational progression. Kate Hughes (2017) claims that: 25% of parents relocate to a particular catchment area, and were willing to spend an additional 12% on top of the market value. This proves that middle class parents can afford to provide children with better educational chances before school begins. (Hughes, k., 2017)Apart from location, whats within the home can also effect educational attainment. Lack of accessible technology/internet, creates poor performance at schools. Valerie Thompson of E – Learning Foundation states lack of a home internet connection or a computer could mean that children struggled to research homework or complete coursework. This could also suggest that children were unable to receive feedback or access school resources. Her research established that there were 750,000 children in households without internet access, and 650,000 without a computer. According to the E-Learning Foundation, that figure shows the divide between rich and poor and the effects this has on childrens progression within education. (Burns, J., 2013)The divide between class and educational attainment is argued by Diane Reay to have not yet occurred. Within education, she states that: the working classes are still getting less education than the middle classes, just as they had when my dad was at school at the beginning of the 20th century. She argues this is as a result of less affluent children being given more restrictive educational offers, thus effecting the league tables and resulting in teachers focusing on Maths and English. (Ferguson, F., 2017) Diane Reays suggests that teachers therefore treat children differently based on their class; the issue of labelling then comes into effect. Theorised by Snyder et als, self-fulfilling prophecy theory, if ones is labelled enough they begin to act in accordance to that label. The article states that working class children aged 4 can tell theyre in the monkeys (a lower set,) because theyre not very clever. Teachers then labelling these children as lower sets will have a negative effect on their overall learning and progression from an early age.Labelling and stereotyping also influences the academic achievement of ethnic minorities. Professor Jennifer Eberhardt, took two scenarios of children misbehaving and asked teachers how they would punish the children based on their actions. In scenarios in which the students were black, teachers seen the bad behaviour as more concerning. Interviews were also conducted with teachers, parents, and head teachers about their opinions on black pupils/students. Overall participants expressed strong feelings about how black boys are labelled as a result of their clothing, friends; reputation and how they communicated. The report concluded that once black pupils gained a reputation for bad behaviour, it became difficult to convince teachers that they could improve. (Demie, f., McLean, C. 2017)Despite underachievement of Black/Caribbean students, other ethnic minorities are surpassing their White British counterparts. In 2013 of all children receiving free school meals it was proven that at aged 16, ethnic minority groups were outperforming white working class pupils in attaining five GCSEs grade C and above. Existing government funded studies suggest that this is due to parental factors, including high aspirations and expectations resulting in higher attendance and few exclusions.Language barriers are also an influential factor to ones attainment. When children immigrate to England, they are assigned English intervention classes, and only allowed to integrate into classes once they had basic level English. Once in mainstream classes, teachers are often strict on pronunciation and writing. This sparks debate whether separating students based on their language barriers is the right thing to do. Arguments made, suggest students could integrate in all their classes with specialist support however, as linking pupils together regardless of language causes faster integration, which in turn creates a mo re positive approach to education. (Morrison, N., 2014)In recent news, it has been discussed that boys may need additional support throughout their educational lives, due to women achieving better grades. Camilla Turner (2015) reports that girls now seem to outperform boys in mathematics, reading and science literacy within 70% of all countries. The article clarifies, that except for over achievers, boys have poorer educational outcomes than girls in the UK. Hannah Richardson references research by the Higher Education Policy institute to argue why boys underachieve in schools, it was found boys and girls will often have different attitudes towards school work. Furthermore, the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development found boys tend to spend an hour less on homework when compared to girls. The report also states that boys are more likely to get distracted, which in turn means they are less likely to study from home. Despite this however, men still outperform women when it comes to prestigious subjects and applying to universities. (Richardson, H., 2016)In addition, Rowenna Davis (2010) explains that there is a decline in women entering into stereotypical male based subjects. In 2005 women made up 24% of computer study classes however five years later in 2010, women only accounted for 19%. Since the year 2000 there has been no increase in women entering maths, this statistic remains at 38%. The same rule applies for engineering and technology where women only make up 15% of all classes. The article argues that womens intolerance towards STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering and maths) are deep rooted as career advisors are teaching students to go into stereotypical subjects. An argument can therefore be made that subject choices within schools are not providing pupils with equal opportunities, as they at reinforcing careers advice based on gender.Lastly, the way in which pupils are graded also has a significant impact on performance within education. Despite evidence stated above, 2017 A-Level results witnessed men surpassing females in quality of grades. Rachel Pells (2017) argues this is because assessment types have been changed in favour of exam based grading. Previously it was a mixture of both exam and coursework based assessments. The article argues females apply themselves better in coursework based studies, whereas boys tend to revise heavily a couple of weeks before exams, thus meaning equal opportunity within school assessing isnt achieved.To conclude, despite government policy stating that equal education is given to all, it is evident that both internal and external factors indicate that this is an impossible task. The research suggests that educational achievement and attainment is predisposed from birth. Ones class, ethnicity and gender dictate how well they will achieve or underachieve within education. To claim that all children in the UK are given equal opportunities to succeed is incorrect due to different factors playing a huge part throughout their academic life, and into adulthood.Bibliography:Beall, A. (2016). Facebook research shows how our parents career choices affect our own. [online] Mail Online. Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018].Burns, J. (2013). Poorest pupils lack home internet. [online] BBC News. Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2018].Demie, F. and McLean, C. (2017). Black Caribbean Underachievement in Schools in England. [online] uk. Available at: uk.rsu/files/black_caribbean_underachievement_in_schools_in_england_2017.pdf [Accessed 5 Apr. 2018].Davis, R. (2010). Women students stick to traditional subjects. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 7 Apr. 2018].Desforges, C. and Abouchaar, A. (2003). The impact of parental involvement, parental support and family education on pupil achievement and adjustment: A literature review | Creativity, Culture and Education. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018].Ferguson, D. (2017). Working-class children get less of everything in education including respect. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian. com/education/2017/nov/21/english-class-system-shaped-in-schools [Accessed 4 Apr. 2018].Hawker, L. (2006). Chance of a Lifetime. [online] England.shelter. Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018].Hughes, K. (2017). Quarter of UK parents move house for the school catchment area. [online] The Independent. Available at: https://www.independent. [Accessed 5 Apr. 2018].Kennon, J. (2012). New Study Finds The Ability to Delay Gratification Correlates with Reliability of Others. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018].Morrison, N. (2014). Breaking down the language barrier for EAL pupils. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2018]. Pells, R. (2017). Boys overtake girls in top A-level grades for first time in a generation. [online] The Independent. Available at: uk/news/education/education-news/a-level-results-2017-boys-beat-birls-top-subjects-english-maths-history-first-time-a7898186.html [Accessed 7 Apr. 2018].Richardson, H. (2016). Why do more girls go to university?. [online] BBC News. Available at: [Accessed 7 Apr. 2018].Turner, C. (2015). Girls do better than boys at school, despite inequality. [online] Available at: uk/education/11364130/Girls-do-better-than-boys-at-school-despite-inequality.html [Accessed 6 Apr. 2018].

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What traits did Modern America receive from the Roman Republic Essays

What traits did Modern America receive from the Roman Republic Essays What traits did Modern America receive from the Roman Republic Essay What traits did Modern America receive from the Roman Republic Essay Essay Topic: Inferno The Man Of Mode The Republic Roman culture is hailed by many as one of the most developed and sophisticated cultures of all time. Every thing that we do in the 21st century America has directly or indirectly got a Roman touch to it thanks to great influence that Roman Empire has had on the American culture. Although we fail to realize the impact those people have on our lives, there are numerous ways in which Roman Empire has modeled the society today.Many aspects of todays society have been affected by ancient Rome. Creation of law, development of democratic government practices, influences in language, literature, art, infrastructure, and city-planning are all areas where the influences of Roman ideas can be seen. Additionally, Roman influences have had considerable importance in the spread of Christianity.One of the most important area of influence was Roman law. The American criminal and civil law owes a lot to Roman law code. Roman law developed the division between public law, in wh ich the state is directly involved, such as with issues of treason and taxation, and private law, concerned with disputes between people, such as over contracts. This system was the basis for what is now known in the West as Civil law. Roman law also influenced the development of private international law. The concept of indictments and jury so commonly used across America is also a derivative of Roman law. Many defense techniques currently employed can also be traced back to Roman procedures. The notion of â€Å"innocent until proven guilty,† which underlies the United States criminal justice system also came from ancient Roman ideas. Also, the purpose of written law as a way to protect individuals from one another and from the power of the state is an inherently Roman idea.The concept of democracy is said to be originated from Greek civilization but then it was in a raw form. The Roman civilization in the years 509 to 49 BC made it a complete governing system. The Roman pr ocess of making laws has also had a deep influence on modern democratic political systems. Legislation was first passed by the comitia, or the assembly of the citizens. It was then approved by the representatives of the upper class, or the senate, and issued in the name of the senate and the people of Rome. Many countries, including the United States, have since then used the republican Rome as a model for their own governments, requiring that all laws go through two legislative bodies. It is a pattern continued in almost every democratic constitution.Rome was responsible for the spread of the Latin Language, which has formed the basis for Western languages, such as English and French. Sources vary, but tend to agree that well over half of the current English words are of Latin origin. For that large fraction, there were two main conduits Norman French and later borrowings directly from Latin.The residual Latin from the Roman occupation of the island was virtually nothing. The map was about the only place where Latin survived. All those English places ending in -chester got that from Latin castra they were places Romans had built a military camp, called castra in Latin.Again, sources vary, but a typical assessment of sources of Latin-based words would be something like 60% from Norman French, 30% from later borrowings, and 10% from all other sources combined. That last 10% would include later borrowings from French, borrowings from Spanish, Italian, and the other Romance languages, and even a few words that came into the original Anglo Saxon from Latin before the move to Britain. Roman influence on American culture can be easily understood from the fact that educators in our society teach Latin as a way of helping students better understand the English language. An example of significantly Latin influence the English language can be clearly seen in the following example.Plenty of English vocabularies are derived from Latin.Plenty-from Latin plenitasvocabular ies from Latin vocabulumderived From latin derivareLatin- From Latin LatinusLiterature is another area where Roman influence is predictable. Roman authors followed the famous Greek authors, often developing and building upon Greek writing. Many writers have been influenced by the Romans including Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra), Robert Graves (I Claudius), Milton (Paradise Lost), Dante (Inferno) and James Joyce (Ulysses). Roman Art has also influenced todays society. In particular, use of pictures of Emperors on coins and sculptures was an inherently Roman idea.It is also interesting to see how Roman Empire influenced modern American infrastructure system. The Roman system of building structured roads is still a common practice in America where roads are built with three different layers. Also the Roman use of signposts for towns ahead is not just an American practice but used across the globe. They also had extensive networks of underground lead pipe, supplying clean water. Even the recreational concept of parks, plazas and public libraries owes a lot to Roman influence.To many historians, the concept of city planning now widely used in America and also extensively across the globe can be traced to Roman concepts. However some historians believe the concept of city planning was an ancient Indian concept originated in Indus valley later reused by Romans. The Romans engaged in extensive city-building activities as they consolidated their empire. Roman colonies and military empires were often laid out with extensive planning. Developments in the architecture of fortification, relating to compact space and fast maneuverability, and the discovery of perspective, focusing the description on the eye of the viewer, led to radial focus in city plans and the development of ideal town plans.The tradition of Roman architecture has had an important influence on American architecture. For example, many courthouses throughout America can be seen to be ba sed on Roman architecture.   A particularly striking example is the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington. Designed by Cass Gilbert and completed in 1935, the core of the building can be seen to be directly based on the Roman Temple type including the characteristics of being raised on a podium and approached by a formal front staircase. Like Roman temples, the free-standing columns only appear on the front of the Supreme Court building. Like many of the other major public buildings in Washington, the exterior of the Supreme Court is dressed in white marble. The choice of marble was deliberate to echo the authority of Greek and Roman formal architecture.   It is not just America that is influenced, many European cities, like London and Paris, borrow heavily from Roman origins.One of the most highly influenced parts of American culture is religion. The churches in the Roman Empire contributed to the spread of Christianity. In particular, it played a role estrangement between what would become Eastern and Western Christians, known today as Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics. When the Bishop of Rome took power after Constantinople (now Istanbul) became the capital of the empire, ideological differences became manifest between the East and West. Eastern Christians looked more readily to Constantinople, its Emperor and its bishop. Meanwhile, Western Europeans tended to look to the missionaries sent by Rome and to the Holy Father of Rome for faith and guidance. Ultimately, a split occurred between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.Liturgical life in both these churches was influenced by the Roman Empire, though in different ways. In the East, court rituals were conducted lavishly, whereas in the West, services tended to be more simple and sober.The use of slaves in America was in practice till mid 19th century. Many people believe this was a practice taken from Roman Empire where prisoners of war were traded as slaves in the market.;It is cl ear that the modern civilizations have taken a lot from Roman Empire to the extent that common things in everyday life can be traced to their Roman origins. The implications of Roman influences in todays society are clearly significant and far reaching.

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Proportionally Resize an Image (TBitmap)

Proportionally Resize an Image (TBitmap) In graphics programming a thumbnail is a reduced-size version of a picture. Heres an idea for your next application: create a form picker to let users easily select and navigate through open forms by displaying thumbnails of them all in a dialog window. Interesting idea? Sounds like the Quick Tabs feature of the IE 7 browser :) Before actually creating such a neat feature for your next Delphi application, you need to know how to grab the image of the form (form-screen shot) and how to proportionally resize it to the desired thumbnail image. Proportional Picture Resizing: Creating Thumbnail Graphics Below you will find a block of code to take the image of a form (Form1) by using the GetFormImage method. The resulting TBitmap is then resized to fit the maximum thumbnail width (200 pixels) and/or height (150 pixels).Resizing maintains the aspect ratio of the image. The resulting image is then displayed in a TImage control, named Image1. const   Ã‚  maxWidth 200;   Ã‚  maxHeight 150; var   Ã‚  thumbnail : TBitmap;   Ã‚  thumbRect : TRect; begin   Ã‚  thumbnail : Form1.GetFormImage;   Ã‚  try   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Left : 0;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Top : 0;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  //proportional resize   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  if thumbnail.Width thumbnail.Height then   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  begin   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Right : maxWidth;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Bottom : (maxWidth * thumbnail.Height) div thumbnail.Width;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  end   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  else   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  begin   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Bottom : maxHeight;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbRect.Right : (maxHeight * thumbnail.Width) div thumbnail.Height;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  end;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbnail.Canvas.StretchDraw(thumbRect, thumbnail) ; //resize image   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbnail.Width : thumbRect.Right;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbnail.Height : thumbRect.Bottom;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  //display in a TImage control   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Image1.Picture.Assign(thumbnail) ;   Ã‚  finally   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  thumbnail.Free;   Ã‚  end; end; Note: The GetFormImage only copies the form client area - if you need to take the entire screen shot of a form (including its border) youll need a different approach ...more about it next time.

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The Human Rights Act 1998 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Human Rights Act 1998 - Essay Example For justice to be rendered impartially, while at the same time ensuring the protection of human and fundamental rights of the individual, an independent Judiciary is required. The total confidence of the public in the capability of the Judiciary to function in this manner is essential. In order to protect the individual against the abuses of power, the principle of the independence of the Judiciary was formulated. Hence, it is the duty of the judges to apply the law without any bias, further, this entails applying the relevant domestic and international human rights law1. In addition to independent and impartial judges, a strong, impartial and just legal system requires independent and impartial prosecutors with an iron resolution to investigate and bring to justice individuals who have committed crimes against humanity, even if these perpetrators are persons acting in an official capacity. There is a very real danger of a culture of impunity taking hold, which will only serve to widen the gap between the general population and the authorities, if judges and prosecutors do not discharge their functions impartially. Whenever justice is not available, people will explore other avenues to secure the same for themselves and this leads to people taking the law into their own hands. Such a trend results in the promotion of violent outbreaks and deterioration of law and order2. The above discussion ca... The English Administrative Law is based entirely on this doctrine. The phrase Rule of Law was derived from the French phrase la principle de legalite, which means a Government based on principles of law and not of men. It was invoked against the authoritarian rule of the Crown. The Rule of Law was propounded by A.V. Dicey, the English Jurisprudent. He defined the Rule of Law as 'Rule of Law means the absolute supremacy of predominance of regular Law as opposed to the influence of arbitrary power and excludes the existence of arbitraryness or prerogative, or even wide discretionary authority on the part of the Government'. Dicey also said that 'English men are ruled by the Law, and by the Law alone, a man with us may be punishable for a breach of the Law, but can be punished for nothing else'. As such, the doctrine of rule of law was developed and brought into prominence in British Legal system by A.V. Dicey. Dicey's exposition of the Rule of Law can be described as the locus classicu s conception of this contentious theory. Albeit, one hundred and eighteen years old, all the same it occupies a position central to formalist accounts, epitomizing a viewpoint that is both Whiggish in origin, yet thoroughly modern in application. His ubiquitous slogans are all too familiar: no man is punishable except for a distinct breach of the law; all men are equal before the law and The Constitution is a product of the ordinary law3. Right from the dawn of civilization Humanity had yearned for respect, tolerance and equality. Although societies have in many aspects made great strides in the technological, political, social and economic fields, contemporary grievances have remained unchanged from thousands of years. As

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What kinds of consent are there Can any of them explain our obligation Essay

What kinds of consent are there Can any of them explain our obligation to obey the state's commands - Essay Example dominion of a prince, which one might leave, every individual has given a tacit consent to his authority, and promised him obedience; it may be answered, that such an implied consent can only have place, where a man imagines, that the matter depends on his choice.† (Hirschhorn 2004), further demonstrates consent and notes, â€Å"Failure to follow ethical principles in the informed consent process can result in serious legal action through tort law (civil wrongdoing) and even criminal law, the lack of informed consent constitutes assault and battery.† Related to political theory, there are three main types of consent that will be explored. They are express, tactic and hypothetical. Although there are other forms in political theory, these are three main to be explored as they are the primary cause for debate within the spectrum. Express consent can be defined as total agreement with an order, demand or request. An example of this would be if someone was asked to meet at a location and they agreed. Another example would be if a state law required that all drivers wore their seatbelt and every driver of that state did while driving. Complying, agreeing and deciding to comply with a request, is express consent. In democratic nations, this is easier to define as the people elect officials to represent them in their best interest. If they do not, then the elected official is not re-elected. People in democratic nations also have the ability to live where they chose and states have individual laws that are not applicable beyond their bounds. (Allsop 2011) states, â€Å"The reasons to obey the law may be either prudential or moral. Prudential reasons are related to self-interest. This theory states members of society conform to the law out of fear of punishment or being socially outcast for being labeled a criminal.† Although people will inherently have express consent for many laws in that state, they may not understand or be aware of all laws they are subject to

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Martin Luther King Jr Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther King Jr Essay Many find it interesting to glimpse inside the lives of famous thinkers in an effort to understand where such thought and intelligence is rooted. Famous thinkers have little in common with what makes them reach their level of achievement (Goodman Fritchie, 2011). In that tone, here is a peek into the routines and rituals of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cornel West that writers, philosophers, and statesmen have depended on to keep their work on track and their thoughts flowing. Whether you need inspiration to make it through the next college semester of your bachelor’s degree, finishing up your master’s degree program, or are working on a future best-selling novel, explore the contributions to society these men have created, how their personal, social, and political environments helped with their creativity, how they solve their ideas and problems, how their ideas were implemented, as well as what they could have done differently along with comparing their creative process. Martin Luther King made many contributions to society at the most difficult time. He helped African American’s gain civil rights and equality in America. He completed these contributions through actions like the bus boycott that he led in Montgomery, Alabama. The boycott fought against city buses that refused to allow African Americans to sit in the front seats of the buses. This boycott led to a citywide boycott of the bus system until the rules were changed. He also led the march from Selma to Montgomery along with other protestors as they voiced their right to vote. Dr. King not only led marches but he also gave what is now famous speeches like â€Å"Give Us a Ballot† â€Å"I Have a Dream† â€Å"I’ve Been to the Mountaintop† that also helped with his movement. Through the speeches Dr. King had the ability to reach many in delivering his thoughts and creativity toward his movement. Dr. King also published many books like Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story, Strength to Love, Why We Can’t Wait, and Where Do We Go From Here? These books also helped with Dr. King’s movement to reach people all over the United States to see his vision. Dr. Cornel West has a passion to communicate to a vast variety of publics in order to keep alive the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; telling the truth and bearing witness to love and justice. Dr. West stated, â€Å"You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.† Cornel West contributions to society has been monumental, he is a motivational speaker in politics, education, talk radio and even major motion pictures.